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About me

Hey! I am Iwa and this is my dream coming true. Everyone has their own twist - one person collects bottle caps, another sniffs books before reading them, and the third one sorts socks in a drawer by color, necessarily separating home ones from 'official'. I, of course, also have a craze (not one, oho!) - I do not like empty walls :) I see one and immediately put a projection on it - little frames, big ones, pictures, photos... This is probably a disease and it is rather incurable. I am extremely pleased that more and more attention is paid to embellishing our interiors. In stores, the shelves are bending with interesting frames, on the web more and more people propose wildly creative graphics. It's like a medicine to me. Do you know what would be even more beautiful? More personalization! We usually buy what is currently fashionable, we rarely surround ourselves with non-literary images, pictures that testify to our separateness, about which we can think for hours and talk about them. Let us dare and let us show ourselves more on the walls of our apartments. It is such a wonderful background on which we can show who we are, what we aspire to, what are our passions and colors playing in the soul. Let's fill them in like pages in a diary - let them be a great journey for our guests, soothe the senses after a crazy day out, be a clever reminder of what is valuable to us...

Recent work


Portrait in a flowery wreath

Because everyone deserves a special frame.

Up to 4 people: 250zł + shipping
Each additional person/pet is a 20zł surcharge to the given price

If you have any preferences in regards to the colours or favourite flowers - do not hesitate to write about it! I'll try to fulfill any request :)


Staged graphic

Jump to the world where imagination is your only limitation. Become a hero of an illustration like in the greatest stories.

Up to 3 people: 300zł + shipping
Each additional person is a 50zł surcharge to the given price
Pets - 20zł surcharge

Favorite place on earth, your own private haven or maybe a display of your beloved passions? I can create an illustration for you that will present everything you love "in a nutshell" :)
To best reflect the character and passions of the painted characters, I need you to provide as much detail as possible. Try to describe each person in a few sentences, mention your favorite places, activities, objects, even clothes. If you do not have a clear idea, I'll be happy to transfer my imagination onto paper and create a unique work for just you. Perhaps you like abstraction? :) Be honest!


How do I order?

To create any type of illustrations I will require good quality photos of the portrayed people. Group pictures work best, as they make it easier to capture proportions. If you do not have any, no worries - each person can be photographed separately. I will welcome several shots of each person - this allows me to get to know you better and to catch the family similarities. I also encourage you to upload photos in your favorite outfits and with characteristic accessories.

The approximate time of order completion is 4 weeks. This time may be longer in the more busy parts of the year, so I encourage you to order early. If you are short on time you can always mention that, maybe we can find an earlier date :)

The illustrations are made on high-quality paper, size 40x30cm.

I also carry out non-standard orders. Chat me up and we'll surely create something amazing. I love a good challenge :)

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